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Frequently Asked Questions

Measure & Quote
1. When can I organise for a Sales Rep to come out and give me a measure and quote for a door on my NEW garage?
The sales consultant can come out when the opening is ready to be measured (for example; after the concrete is in, and the opening is complete), however we can provide technical assistance before the opening is ready. Please call your nearest Airport Doors branch to arrange a measure and quote.


2. Can a roller door or sectional door be installed on a carport?
Yes, if your carport has enough opening height, headroom, sideroom, internal projection and has sturdy posts. Depending on the application some modifications to the carport may be required in order to fit the door, therefore it is recommended to seek garage door requirements before getting the carport permit.

3. Can a roller door be installed on freestanding steel posts?
Yes, we can install roller doors in freestanding applications, either
on the fenceline or across a driveway. We can arrange everything from installing the steel posts to the canopy. Refer to Roller Doors – Canopy for further information.

4. Do I need a canopy over a freestanding roller door?
If there is no roof over the Roller Door canopies are recommended to provide weather protection for the roller door operator as well as the roller door itself.

Door Openings & Sizes

5. What is the maximum opening width for your Roller Doors?
The maximum Roller Door opening width is 5000mm (5100mm door width).

6. What is the maximum opening width for your Residential Steel Sectional Doors?
The maximum Residential Steel Sectional Door opening width is 6120mm (6200mm door width). Other Sectional Doors may have larger specifications. Refer to Sectional Door products (Aluminium & Industrial).

7. What are the standard roller door sizes?
Airport Doors will make to measure any roller door up to the maximum door size. Standard industry Roller Door sizes include 2490mm (or 2430mm opening width), 2520mm (or 2460mm opening width), 2800mm (or 2740mm opening width), 3100mm (or 3040mm opening width) and 4900mm (4800mm opening width).

8. What is headroom and sideroom?
Headroom, sideroom, internal projection etc. refer to the clearance dimensions needed to install your door. Refer to the diagram for further information.

9. What clearances are needed to install an Airport Doors Roller Door?
Series A Roller Door
Refer to the online Roller Door Brochure or consult your Airport Doors representative.

10. Can I motorise an existing door or gate?
Yes, if the door is in good working order, there is power available and there is sufficient clearance to fit the operator.

11. What if there is a power failure, can I still open my motorised garage door?
Yes, if you have other access into your garage you can easily disengage the operator to put it into manual override. Refer to your operator manual.

12. I only have access into my garage via the garage door, can I still motorise my door and what happens if there is a power failure?
Yes you can still motorise your door, however it is recommended to have an emergency key release so that in case of power failure you can still get into your garage.

13. Can I operate my gate and garage door from the same remote control if they are different brands?
Yes, in combination with a suitable receiver card you can operate both your gate and garage door from the same multi button remote control. Consult your Airport Doors representative for further information.

14. Can a PE Beam (Photocell) be installed on my door?
Yes, if there is provision for a PE Beam on your new or existing door operator. PE Beams are recommended for extra safety especially where children are concerned. If the PE beam is broken whilst the door is closing, the door will stop and reverse direction.

15. What colours are available for Roller Doors and Residential Steel Sectional Doors?
Refer to our online Colour Chart or consult your Airport Doors representative.

16. Can my sectional door be made to match a specific colour on my house?
Yes, our sectional doors are available in several selected pre-painted steel colours as well as timber look colours and can also be powdercoated to almost any powdercoat colour. Powdercoated sectional doors are coloured on both sides.

17. Can I paint my pre-painted steel roller door?
Roller Doors can be painted however due to the nature of the roller door flexing around the roller drum, potential cracking of paint may occur. It is recommended you thoroughly clean your door with water and household detergent and rinsing thoroughly with clean water before painting. The door should be clean, rust free and smooth (light sanding may be required). Apply your selected water-based acrylic paint (e.g. Dulux Weathershield Roof Semi Gloss).

18. Can you make a door with special cladding to match my building?
Yes, depending on the type of door chosen and the door application we can apply a variety of cladding materials. See Cladding Options.

Service & Repairs

19. I have a roller door that is over 5 years old and is difficult to open, can this be fixed?
Roller doors will lose tension over time causing the door to become harder to operate, regular door service is recommended to maintain ease of operation.

20. How often should I service my door and door operator?
The recommended regularity of service will depend on each application, for example high usage doors require more frequent service than low usage doors. As a guide the average residential garage door should be serviced once every two years, however if it is exposed to the elements such as sand, salt water, chemicals etc, than a service once a year is recommended. Consult the Service Department for further information.