Roller Doors
Series B & C

Airport Doors Series B and Series C Roller Doors provide high security and are suitable for residential purposes such as; garages, carports, and lane ways as well as light industrial purposes such as; factories and mini storage warehouses.

 Smooth operation
 Low maintenance
 Extra rigid curtain profile

Door Dimensions
Series B
Maximum Height: 3000mm
Maximum Width: 5100mm

Series C
Maximum Height: 4300mm*
Maximum Width: 5100mm*
*Total door size shall not exceed 17m².

Roller Door Series B

Opening width must be a minimum of 100mm less door width.


The curtain of the door is formed by a continuous, roll-formed, deep profile steel sheet, lock seamed together. The 0.425mm thick steel sheet is fitted with a nylon felt strip which runs down either side of the curtain for smooth operation. Tapered bottom rails can be manufactured upon request to suit the opening (limitations may apply).

Roller Doors are available in a variety pre-painted steel colours. See the colour chart or consult your sales representative for colour options and samples.

Bottom Rail
The bottom rail is manufactured from a heavy, extruded aluminium section with a minimum depth of 40mm and fitted with a PVC weather seal.

Door Guides
Guides shall be specially roll formed, galvanised steel channel section with a thickness of 1.8mm and a width of 50mm.

Series B - A centre lift-lock keyed on the external face and latched on the internal face shall be fitted to the door at waist height. In a counter top application the locking facility shall be fitted to the bottom rail for easy operation. OPTIONAL: When specified Series B Roller Doors can instead be provided with shootbolt locks (internally or externally as specified) that accept 2 padlocks fitted into the bottom rail. Padlocks not supplied by Airport Doors. Shootbolt locks are not recommended when the door is motorised.

Series C - Locking facility shall be by a steel chain lock or also with a shootbolt lock fixed to the bottom rail on the opposite side to the chain. Padlocks not supplied by Airport Doors. Shootbolt locks are not recommended when the door is motorised.

Series B & C Roller Doors operate by means of a flexible curtain guided in steel tracks and revolving on a roller drum. When specified a steel hook rod can be supplied for control of high hand operated Roller Doors. See Method of Operation.

Chain Operation (Series C)
Door operation shall be driven by a chain wheel, which is fixed to the drum and fitted with a chain guide. The chain shall revolve around the chain wheel and in turn revolve the door drum, lifting the door curtain up or down. The chain can be fitted on either the right or left side of the door internally. Planetary gearing is recommended for doors over 12m².

See Roller Door Operators.


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