Roller Shutters
Series 63 Aluminium

The Aluminium Roller Shutter is designed to provide security with potential for vision and ventilation slats. They are commonly used for shop fronts in shopping centres, doorways, bottle shops, sporting complexes etc.

 Light and easy to operate
 Optional Vision/Ventilation Roller Shutter
 Interlocking aluminium slats

Door Dimensions
Maximum Height: 3000mm*
Maximum Width: 3000mm*
*Total door size shall not exceed 9m².

Vodafone Arena, Melbourne

The curtain shall be constructed using extruded aluminium interlocking slats of 63mm pitch and a thickness of 1.3mm.
Tapered bottom rails can be manufactured to suit the opening (limitations may apply).

All aluminium sections can be natural anodised as standard. Various anodising colours and powdercoat are also available when specified.

Ventilation (Optional)
Ventilation can be provided when specified, by slotting the individual, interlocking slats.

Specifications of Slotting
- Height Length Intervals Pitch
63 Series 28mm 89mm 54mm 143mm

Vision Panels (Optional)
Clear acrylic panels can be fitted to the back of the slotted aluminium slats to prevent dust and wind and to provide light and vision.

Bottom Rail

The bottom rail shall be specially extruded section 2mm thick measuring 90mm in height. It shall have access incorporated into the body of the rail to house a concealed locking system. Provision is available for bottom seals as an option.

Plasterboard fixing is not adequate to secure the door components when installed.

Centre Mullions (Optional)
Centre door mullions can be used for wide openings and/or multiple door installations. Standard centre mullions shall be extruded aluminium of 125mm width and 30mm depth.
The mullions shall always be incorporated with mullion head which is positioned above the mullion. The mullion shall be a lift-out type, fitted with locking pins to the bottom plate or by chrome barrel bolts fixed to the mullion. In case of “fixed mullions”, the mullion and the head are a single unit and not removable.

Corner Mullions (Optional)
Corner mullions can be used when two shutters meet at a corner. The mullion shall be manufactured from aluminium sheets formed to suit the angle and size as required. The width of the angular corner mullions can be minimised if the drums are vertically staged when installed.

Locking shall entail a centrally mounted, concealed key operated “lock focus” security type lock mechanism. It shall be keyed on both sides and fitted onto the bottom rail of the Roller Shutter. In special cases the standard lock (only) can be fitted into the slat at waist height.

Master Key Locking System (Optional) is available using either: Lockwood 570; NOTE: The barrel protrudes out by approximately 25mm therefore considerations should be taken to avoid damage.
Lock Focus V9C4; with spin cylinder and sleek appearance with lock protruding only 14mm.

Shootbolt System: Shootbolt system mechanism is also available as an option, which is not concealed as standard locks.

Designed for hand operation as standard. Chain operation and motorisation are available as options, depending on application (limitations may apply).
See Method of Operation.

See Industrial Operators.


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