Sectional Overhead Doors
Industrial Aluminium Sectional Door

Aluminium Sectional Overhead Doors allow you to create a unique design to enhance the visual appearance of your home or building. It is designed to suit most commercial and industrial applications with the option of having visual panels and is widely used on workshops, emergency services (e.g. fire stations) car parks or showrooms.

 Easy to operate
 Optional vision/ventilation panels
 Appealing designs

Austin Aluminium Sectional Door - Glazed

Door Dimensions
Maximum Height: 5000mm*
Maximum Width: 7400mm*
NOTE: Maximum dimensions are a guide only and may differ due to wind loading and cladding design, consult manufacturer for details.
*Total door size shall not exceed 30m².

Door Construction
Sectional Doors are made up of multiple panels each of which consist of a frame and cladding.

Panel Frame
The panels shall be constructed using natural anodised aluminium extrusion, specially designed "box type" machined to match the profiles of the mating members and bolted together to provide a weather tight interlocking joint. The frame shall be approximately 600mm height and divided into equal parts of approximately 1200mm spacings. The natural anodised panel frame can be powdercoated when specified. The bottom panel shall be fitted with a PVC insert bottom seal.

Cladding infills shall be inserted into the aluminium frames to provide the required appearance. Restrictions on cladding types may apply due to wind loading, weight, door size and door usage. Standard cladding types for this type of door include; aluminium, acrylic, glass & steel. See Cladding Options.

Insulation (Optional)
Sound or thermal insulation can be provided when specified, consult manufacturer.

Doors not requiring motorisation shall be fitted with a standard "T" handle lock, with two point locking system. OPTIONAL: When specified an internal quick release slide arm can be provided. The slide arm engages into the door guide at one side and has provision for a padlock (padlock is not supplied).

Sectional Doors operate behind the opening and travel on vertical and horizontal tracks as standard. Various installations are available depending on application (limitations may apply). See Method of Operation.

See Industrial Operators.



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