High Speed Door

High Speed Doors are ideal for high traffic applications and where temperature or hygienic control is necessary. They are ideal for applications where there is a need to reduce draughts and airflow between buildings such as controlled heating/cooling loss, control of clean areas in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, bakeries, dairies, food processing plants etc, and for controlling traffic in areas such as stores in manufacturing plants and airports.

 High speed operation
 High-frequency operation
Variable speed drives  
Reduces loss of temperature control
 Safety mechanism


Door Dimensions
Maximum Height: 6000mm*
Maximum Width: 5000mm (external application), 6000mm* (internal application)
*Total door size shall not exceed 30m².

The curtain is ideal for internal use or with windbars for external applications.
The curtain can be manufactured using reinforced polyester fabric or clear PVC of approximately 2-3mm thick. Contact manufacturer for colour range and design.

Where required or specified a windbar shall be fitted. It is recommended for external and internal use where the door is subjected to wind loads and all weather conditions.

Structural Columns
High Speed Doors are fitted to two steel structural columns which shall be bolted to the ground when installed at job site. The structural columns act as a guide for the curtain and bottom rail.

Tensioning System
Fitted with a specially engineered automatic tension system that exerts constant tension on the curtain between the roller drum and the bottom rail providing wind pressure resistance and smooth operation, a mid high wind bar is fitted on all externally fixed doors.

As standard there is no locking mechanism but it can be supplied when specified.

High Speed Doors operate by means of a flexible curtain revolving on a roller drum. See Method of Operation.

Safety Operation
The High Speed Door shall be fitted with a standard control unit incorporating an Auto Stop reverse safety edge, Auto Close, Soft open and close, infra red safety beam, operations counter, emergency stop and start switch. The unit can be fitted with optional activation devices.

The drive unit shall be a variable speed, 3 phase, 240V electric reduction geared brake motor incorporating limit switches. Optional push buttons, induction floor loop detectors, motion detectors, radio control, photo cells, flashing lights etc. are also available when specified.

Door Speed
With slow start and slow stop standard door opening speed ranges from 800mm - 1200mm per second and closing speed is approximately 600mm per second.


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