Counterweight Doors
Vertical Lift

Vertical Lift Doors are ideal for creating that unique look with a wide range of cladding options. They are suitable for car park entries, loading docks, cool-rooms etc. and applications where temperature or noise control may be an issue.

Door Features
 Range of cladding possibilities inc. insulation
 Ease of operation

 Non-intrusive to building interior/exterior

Performing Arts Complex - Melbourne

Door Dimensions
Maximum Height: 10000mm
Maximum Width: 20000mm
NOTE: Maximum dimensions are a guide only and may differ due to wind loading and cladding design, consult manufacturer for details.

Door Construction
The door is made up of the door frame and cladding which consist of either single or multi leafed sections. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the builder/designer to provide adequate structural columns/walls to carry all weight loads.

Door Frame
The door frame shall be constructed using rolled hollow section steel tube members, braced and trussed as required and designed in accordance with the Australian Standards to withstand wind loading in the closed position and provide minimum deflection in the open position. Frame, guides and fittings shall be prime coated with zinc rich chromate as standard and can be powdercoated or spray painted as specified.

Various types of cladding options are available such as steel, glass, aluminium, bar grille, mesh, plywood, woven wire, perforated sheet metal, insulation panels etc. See Cladding Options.

Personal Entry and Exit Doors (Optional)
Personal entry and exit doors may be incorporated in full or selected heights of the bottom leaf only. The door may be opened inwards as standard or outwards where specified. Personal entry and exit doors are fitted with a standard lock using Lockwood 201 night latch. Other locks may be available where specified.

Counterweight Covers
The counterweight shall be enclosed and protected using a heavy gauge steel cover to suit dimensions and shall be at a height of approximately three quarters of the door height as standard and fixed to the guide channel and wall.

Vertical Lift Doors shall be fitted with padbolts (as standard) or patio bolts (when specified) internally and fitted to either side unless otherwise specified. Padlocks not supplied by Airport Doors. If motorisation is required, the use of padbolts or patio bolts is not recommended due to self locking by the motor.

The door travel is controlled by means of counterweights and steel vertical guides allowing the door to lift up vertically. See Method of Operation. Vertical Lift Doors are suitable for hand operation up to 600kg total door weight.

See Industrial Operators.


Vertical Lift Door Counterweight Door (.pdf format, get Adobe Acrobat Reader)