Roller Grilles
Steel Roller Grille

The Steel Roller Grille is designed to provide high level security for external applications with provisions for ample vision and ventilation. It is ideal for small carpark entrances, security entrance dividers and markets where the grille is to be chain operated or motorised.

 Vision/Ventilation Roller Grille
 Heavy Duty

Door Dimensions
Maximum Height: 4200mm*
Maximum Width: 7000mm*
*Total door size shall not exceed 21m².

Steel Security Roller Grille

The curtain shall be manufactured from 16mm outside diameter galvanised steel tube of 1.2mm thickness. Sleeved with 20mm diameter aluminium tube of 1.2mm thick, it is arranged horizontally at 90mm centres connected vertically using zinc coated 3mm thick steel hinge links at 208mm centres to form brick type pattern. The ends of the galvanised tubes shall be fitted with nylon end caps as standard. For extra heavy duty and/or large applications, the galvanised tube ends shall be fitted with washers and capped appropriately to prevent lateral movement.

The curtain and bottom rail shall be natural anodised aluminium with zinc plated links. Guide channels to be of natural anodised aluminium, and all other components (roller drum and support brackets etc.) are given a coat of zinc chromate primer.

Bottom Rail
The bottom rail shall be specially extruded aluminium section 2mm thick measuring 123mm in height, and 48mm in depth. Heavy duty bottom rails shall be used if the grille is over 6400mm in width. This heavy duty aluminium bottom rail forms a box type shape incorporating a self bracing extended bottom leaf. Provision is also available for bottom seal as an option.

Shootbolt mechanism is the only available locking system other than the chain.
Chain Lock; In this system locking shall be provided by using two padlocks. One is fitted to either end on the bottom rail, internally or externally. In case of chain operation system, the chain can be locked by specially designed latch where padlock can be applied. NOTE: Padlocks not supplied by Airport Doors.

Steel Roller Grilles operate by revolving on a roller drum. Chain operation or motorisation are available as options, depending on application (limitations may apply). See Method of Operation.

See Industrial Operators.


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