Sliding Door

Sliding Doors are excellent for large openings and ideal for creating that unique look with a wide range of cladding options. They are ideal for commercial and industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, showrooms etc where maximum door opening height is required and where there is sufficient side room.

 Range of cladding possibilities
 Minimum maintenance

Sliding Door - Steel & Glass

Door Dimensions
Top Hung Sliding Track
For large openings multi leaf sliding doors are recommended to reduce the size and weight of each leaf. For best operating results, the width of each leaf should not exceed two thirds of the door height and height overall should not exceed 6000mm. Hardware is available up to 650kg per leaf.

Bottom Track Sliding
Bottom Track Sliding Doors are excellent for a wide variety of sizes up to 15000mm height and 30000mm width.

Door Construction
The door is made up of a frame and cladding which comprises of either single or multi leaf sections. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the builder/designer to provide adequate structural columns/walls to carry all weight loads.

Door Frame
The door frame shall be constructed using rolled hollow section steel tube members, braced and trussed as required and designed in accordance with the Australian Standards to withstand wind loading in the closed position. The frame shall be prime coated as standard and can be powdercoated or spray painted as specified.

Various types of cladding options are available such as steel, glass, aluminium, bar grille, mesh, plywood, woven wire, perforated sheet metal, insulation panels etc. See Cladding Options.

Personal Entry and Exit Doors (Optional)
Personal entry and exit doors may be incorporated in full or selected heights. The door may be opened inwards as standard or outwards where specified. Personal entry and exit doors are fitted with a standard lock using Lockwood 201 night latch. Other brands may be available when specified.

Locking shall be by means of a hasp and staple or a long shoot padbolt with provision for padlocking. Padlocks not supplied by Airport Doors.
The lock shall be fixed internally and fitted to one side of the door unless otherwise specified. If motorisation is required, the use of padbolts is not recommended due to self locking by the motor.

Sliding Doors are fixed behind the opening. Door travel is controlled by guide rollers which are either top hung or bottom track depending on the weight of the door or the design required. See below and Method of Operation.
Sliding Doors are suitable for hand operation up to a maximum door weight of 650kg.

Top Hung Sliding Track
Top Hung Sliding Doors shall be fitted with 2 to 4 ball bearing rollers being adjustable in height. The rollers shall roll smoothly within a galvanised steel roll formed track fixed above door head. The bottom of the door shall be guided by means of; 1; a continuous "U" recessed in concrete floor, and guided by rollers fitted to the bottom edge of door or 2; a continuous "U" channel fixed to the bottom edge of the door and a kidney type guide, one fixed to each end of the doorway on the floor.

Bottom Track Sliding
Bottom track Sliding Doors shall be fitted with two machined, sealed ball bearing loaded wheels profiled to either suit an above ground track or in-ground track. The floor track shall be a level, continuous slot formed between two steel angles recessed into concrete or a solid steel round welded to a base-plate laid & anchored to a leveled floor using masonry fasteners or screws. The top of the door shall be fitted with two rollers (one per corner), adjustable in height and set above the door. These run within an inverted roll formed guide channel.

Motorisation shall be by either single phase or three phase power. Sliding Doors can be automatically operated using single phase power up to 750kg door weight. Operator selection is dependant on the door size, door weight, wind loading, availability of power and the door’s application. Note: Customer will be required to supply single or three phase power (where applicable). Wiring to single or three phase motor to be carried out by a private qualified electrician (unless otherwise specified). See Sliding Door Operators.


Top Track & Floor Track Sliding Door (.pdf format, get Adobe Acrobat Reader)