Roller Shutters
Series 75 Steel

Series 75 Roller Shutters provide high strength security and are easy to operate. They are often used for commercial and industrial applications such as small counter tops, loading docks, workshops, warehouses, car parks and storage buildings. The individual interlocking slats enable economical repair in the event that the curtain becomes damaged. Wind locks are available for extra protection against strong winds.

 Vision/Ventilation Roller Shutter
 Interlocking steel slats

Roller Shutter Series 75

Door Dimensions
Maximum Height: 8000mm
Maximum Width: 10000mm
NOTE: Maximum door dimensions may vary depending on wind loading and the door’s design features and application, it is recommended you consult your Airport Doors representative for further information.

The Series 75 curtain shall be constructed from individual roll-formed, interlocking steel slats of 75mm profile. The interlocking slats shall be manufactured from galvanised steel sections of 0.6mm, 0.8mm of 1.0 mm thick as standard or 1.2mm thick for special applications. Thickness of steel is determined per application depending on door width and wind loading. Slats are fitted with nylon end clips to stop lateral movement of the curtain and ensure smooth operation.
Wind lock clips: shall be fabricated from malleable iron, formed to suit specially designed guide channels and can be riveted to every second or fourth slat as required or specified. Wind locks provide extra protection against strong winds and are optional except in cyclonic areas, and are recommended for shutters over 6m width. When specified, deflection of Roller Shutter can be reduced by installing the door as high as practicable.

The curtain shall be fabricated from galvanised material as standard and can be powdercoated (up to 8000mm width) when specified.

Ventilation (Optional)
Ventilation to the Roller Shutter curtain can be provided by either slotted slats or vision air (perforated) slats.
Slotted slats - 104mm wide by 19mm high at 150mm intervals. An airflow of approximately 9% per slat is achieved. Intervals may be shortened, upon request, to allow airflow of up to approximately 12% per slat.
Visionair slats - consist of 1.0mm thick galvanised perforated material with 2mm perforations.

Personal Entry and Exit Doors (Optional)
Personal entry and exit doors for personal access are available for applications where the shutter is the only entrance into the building. They are only recommended for small to medium width Roller Shutters over 2700mm in height that are not exposed to high wind loading. The door may be opened inwards as standard or outwards where specified. Personal entry and exit doors are fitted with a standard lock using Lockwood 201 night latch. Other locks may be available where specified.
Standard entry doors open inside and are of 1000mm high by 600mm wide approximately 280mm above floor level.
Standard exit doors are opened outward and are 2040mm high by 1000mm wide fitted approximately 50mm above floor level.

Bottom Rail
For small to medium sized doors the bottom rail shall be manufactured from specially extruded, heavy duty aluminium section which interlocks to the bottom slat. Doors over 6.3m in width shall consist of a steel box section which interlocks to the bottom slat.

Hand operated steel Roller Shutters shall be fitted with two shootbolts, fitted internally or externally to either end of the bottom rail. Padlocks not supplied by Airport Doors. Chain operated steel Roller Shutters shall be fitted with a steel chain lock. Padlocks not supplied by Airport Doors.
Motorised steel Roller Shutters shall be supplied with a push button station internally as standard. Key switch is optional and can also be supplied for internal or external use.

Centre Mullions (Optional)
Centre door mullions can be used for wide openings and/in multiple door installations. Centre door mullions shall be manufactured from mild steel plate having a standard width of 250mm. The mullions shall be supplied either being of a sliding or fixed type (as selected). The sliding mullion is manually operated by disengaging top and bottom levels and sliding to one side of the doorway opening on an overhead sliding door track, fixed to the underside of the door head lintel. The fixed type mullion is not removable and is fixed to the floor and lintel.

Roller Shutters operate by means of a flexible curtain guided in steel tracks and revolving on a roller drum. Series 75 Handoperated shutters are suitable for shutters up to 2200mm height and 2400mm width. See Method of Operation.

Chain Operation
Gearing shall be fitted to one end of the Roller Shutter and matched to suit door size and weight. Chain operation is not recommended for Series 75 Roller Shutters over 20m².

See Industrial Operators.


Series 75 Steel Roller Shutter (.pdf format, get Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Technical Datasheet RS1 - Series 75 Hand Operated (.pdf format, get Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Technical Datasheet RS2 - Personal Access Door (.pdf format, get Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Technical Datasheet RS3 - Motorisation Options (.pdf format, get Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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