Sectional Overhead Doors
Residential Timber Sectional Door

Timber Sectional Overhead Doors allow you to create a unique design to enhance the visual appearance of your home. They are ideal for applications such as garages, offices and most commercial applications.

 Western Red Cedar Timber
Easy to operate
 Optional windows
 Appealing panel designs

Door Dimensions
Maximum Height: 3550mm
Maximum Width: 6000mm
NOTE: Maximum dimensions may vary depending on timber used and the type of panel selected.

Hamilton 135

Panel Designs
 Hamilton 86
 Hamilton 135


Panel Details

Residential Timber Sectional panels are made of standard grade Western Red Cedar (Note: the DR-6 timber sectional is made of solid Western Red Cedar frame with ply infill). Other types of timber and grades of timber may be available, depending on size and availablity, consult your Airport Doors representative for further information.

Panel thickness may vary from 13mm to 40mm thick depending on panel design. Panels consist of tongue and groove joints with the bottom panel fitted with a PVC insert bottom seal .

Timber Sectional Doors shall be sealed with Fully Sealed Sikkens (Dark Oak) as standard. When specified doors can be finished using Part Sealed Sikkens (Dark Oak), CD50 oil (in Clear or Cedartone), or timber can be left raw (to enable customer to apply their own finish). Consult your Airport Doors representative for further information. Timbers used are of a high quality however we cannot guarantee the consistency of colours and patterns due to the natural colour variations in Cedar timber.

Timber Protection
To ensure long lasting timber protection, re-coat your door at least every 1-4 years depending on the type of finish and weather or environmental conditions. Inspect your door regularly and re-apply finish at the first signs of timber ageing.

Windows (Optional)
Acrylic, glass or leadlight window designs can be very appealing and are also practical, allowing natural light to filter into the garage or carport.
Consult your Airport Doors representative for further information.

Manually operated doors shall be fitted with spring loaded shootbolts on the inside, unless otherwise specified.

Sectional Overhead Doors operate by torsion springs and cables allowing the hinged panels to travel smoothly within the guides. The door travels behind the opening and rests horizontally overhead in the open position as standard. Various installations are available depending on application (limitations may apply). See Method of Operation.

See Sectional Door Operators.


Timber Sectional Doors (.pdf format, get Adobe Acrobat Reader)