Roller Shutters
Timber Roller Shutter

Timber Roller Shutters are an elegant security shutter designed to blend in or enhance the appearance of the surrounding décor. They are widely used on internal applications such as bars, counters, clubs, showrooms etc.

 Real timber
Appealing design
 Easy to operate

Door Dimensions
Maximum Height: 2300mm*
Maximum Width: 2700mm*
*Total door size shall not exceed 5.2m².

Timber Roller Shutter

The Timber Roller Shutter curtain shall be manufactured from specially molded Mountain Ash timber slats of 45mm height by 18mm thick. The slats shall be morticed internally and lined with spring steel straps and copper straps cushioned by cotton webbing. The copper straps and cotton webbing are countersunk screwed from the back to link the slats together.

The curtain, bottom rail, guide channels and mullions shall be molded from Mountain Ash timber. Finish to the Timber Roller Shutter shall be sanded smooth and left raw. Polish and stain to be done by others.
NOTE: Polyurethane or other lacquer finishes are not suitable.

Bottom Rail
The bottom rail shall be manufactured from a specially moulded timber having a finished size of 90mm height by 18mm width.

Standard locking shall be by means of two off 150mm long chrome plated barrel bolts, one off to each side of the Timber Roller Shutter.

Centre Mullions (Optional)
Fixed centre door mullions shall be of either timber or aluminium. Restrictions may apply to fixed timber centre mullions, consult manufacturer. Removable centre mullions are only available in aluminium.

Corner Mullions (Optional)
Fixed and removable corner mullions are manufactured in aluminium. Specifications may differ from application to application.

Designed for hand operation as standard. Hand operation is suitable up to 2.3 metres high and under 2.5 metres wide. See Method of Operation.

Chain Operation
Chain operation is by endless chain and gear reduction.

See Industrial Operators.


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